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Jim doesn't believe in cookie cutter, one size fits all approaches to coaching.  Every veteran who owns a business has a unique set of circumstances, challenges and strengths.  All of these factors come into play in designing how best that business owner can be served by a coaching engagement.

That's why every coaching engagement with Jim starts with a complimentary consultation where the veteran and Jim discuss where that business owner and his or her business is at to determine the optimal approach.

If that business owner is in the stage of thinking about starting a business or has just started a business, the Blueprint for Success might be the way to begin.  This is a three session engagement where the business owner will work with Jim to build the blueprint to get his or her business off the ground.
If the business owner is a little farther along and already has his or her business up and running, a logical entry point might be 7 Success Factors Your Business Can't Do Without.  Over the course of his twelve years of building his own business, Jim has determined that there are 7 critical factors every business must have embedded in it to allow it to be successful.  In this three session engagement, Jim will work with the veteran to determine how well these success factors are embedded in the veteran's business and build a plan to either embed them or take them to a higher level.

For somewhat more mature business owners, a Mastermind group could be a logical place to begin.  This borrows from the mastermind concept that Napoleon Hill discussed in his classic work Think and Grow Rich.  In the mastermind group a small group (no more than five) business owners meet monthly with Jim to present their challenges and the group and Jim will help each member of the group leave the meeting with solutions to implement.

The highest level of engagement, which potentially also produces the highest level of success i the business is to work with Jim on a totally customized Success Coaching plan.  At this level, the business owner has Jim's individual attention one-on-one to work with a plan that's co-actively developed to move the owner to the satisfaction of a successful business.

A common complaint of veterans who have started a business is that when they get to the point where they need to hire people, the people who hire either don't perform or they don't stay with them and there's a turnover issue.  Frequently that's because the business owner never has had the chance to learn how to hire effectively.  Jim can help the business owner through that problem with his SuccessHire package.

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